Guest Of Wedding Dresses

I am sure any of us would be excited when a wedding card is received and we would be so happy for the bride and groom who are soon going to unite is sacred wedlock and immediately after this the thought that crosses our mind is what dress to wear for the function. So, how do you decide what wedding guest dress you are going to wear that day?

Some crucial factors that help

Look at the wedding date and see which part of the year it is going to be and where it is being held; consider what the season would be at that time. Half your work is done; for example if it is summer time you can wear dresses that are brightly coloured with pretty floral or summery prints.

Guest Of Wedding DressesIf there is a special theme selected for the wedding then you have to play along and wear something that gels with the theme. And sometimes the dress code, colour code, formal or informal wear, fancy dress, or the exact attire you are expected to arrive in is notified in the invitation card itself and this makes things a lot easier.

General guidelines for selecting guest of wedding dresses

Morning weddings that are informal can be attended wearing light coloured and shorter dresses but if it an evening ceremony one can opt for a gorgeous cocktail dress even if it is a semi formal wedding.

For formal weddings that take place in a place of worship the guests would have to wear something totally formal with no excess skin show. Wearing other formal accessories such as gloves or a hat may be necessary too.

Women guests can put on some ornaments to look a little dressy for the occasion. Weddings are happy occasions and it is absolutely fine to look classy and elegant.

For men formal weddings are to be attended wearing a suit and a tie if it is in the morning; tuxedos with a dark coloured or black tie look best for weddings in the evening  but if the wedding is an informal one it is alright to go in a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

Men attending as guests for a wedding can wear white but women are not to do so since white is used for the bridal dress alone.

Some precautions while choosing wedding guest dresses

Try your best not to wear something that makes you outshine the bride or the groom; this is a special day and occasion for them both and they are to look better than anyone else then.

Even if you have and can afford jewellery that is more expensive and beautiful than what the bride is going to wear that day, refrain from wearing them that day.

If you know the theme of the wedding try to fit into it and not stand out by wearing something totally out of tune; that would show you up as a spoil sport.

Don’t go dressed informally for a formal wedding and vice versa.

Other than if it is called for don’t go in a fancy dress for a wedding.

Tips for choosing guest of wedding dresses

Check out the weather update before picking your wedding guest dress; if showers are predicted go properly protected from getting your clothes wet and wear something that dries out easily lest you get wet.

Make sure that the dress fits you well and you feel comfortable in them; if not half the time you will be fidgeting in your seat due to the dress being too tight.

If you are going to be on the dance floor then you will have to take extra precautions; long flowing dresses are going to be cumbersome to dance in and might get under your shoes while dancing and you could trip and fall. If you are comfortably dressed you surely will enjoy dancing way into the night. And pay attention to your footwear too if there is going to be a lot of dancing; wear shoes that are comfortable and stay safe.

With all these points in mind you can pick some of the best Guest Of Wedding Dresses and if you are going online shopping you have plenty of options to pick from and that would be a lot of fun and excitement!